Rashidieh Center - Monthly Activities

Rashidieh Center - Monthly Activities

Rashidieh Center - Monthly Activities

On 19-10-2021: Through the Peer Education program and in coordinating with Al Naqap school, group of Youth presented play about school dropout, bullying and mental health.


On 20 and 23/10/2021: Recreational and Library activity with different groups of children.

On 24-10-2021: Match between Al Nahda and Assumoud teams.

On 25-10-2021: Distributing stationary (notebooks and pencil case) for the students.

On 25-10-2021: The students of KG3 visited the professionals to reinforce goal and concepts that related to this chapter.

During October and November 2021: Check up the teeth of the children in Kindergarten.

During the first week of November 2021: On the occasion of Belfour declaration and to activate and support soccer activities in the camp, BAS has organized a soccer activity on Sour Municipal stadium, and 8 teams have attended the league.

On 3 and 4/11/2021: On the occasion of 104th anniversary of Belfour Declaration, family happiness program organized many activities with different groups of children, it included painting, drawings, watching film and discussion.

On 05-11-2021: Several activities on the occasion of Belfour declaration.

On 05-11-2021: Teachers have talked to students about Belfour declaration and organized different activities like painting and drawing

During the first week of November 2021: Training a theatrical troupe under the supervision of the Palestinian actor and director Ahmad Salah.