Art and Cultural Projects

Art and Cultural projects

When you want to enjoy music, dancing, drawings, comics, handicrafts and drama, don’t go anywhere, just move to Beit Atfal Assumoud and you will be fascinated by the creativity and beautiful works of its children.
To activate our children’s brain mechanisms, Beit Atfal Assumoud make the diverse art activities available for Palestinian children in the Palestinian camps. These activities are provided since they have a very positive impact on the behavioral and emotional growth of the children. By these activities, the children can express their feelings; describe what is going around them and on top gives brightness and joy to their difficult life.
The high participation of the children in the activities is an indicator to their interest from one side, the good investment of their free time from another side, and the need to socialize outside the limited space of their houses.
Art and cultural activities became a constant agenda in the presented activities. Regular music trainings are implemented in Rashidieh, Naher El-Bared & Beddawi involving children of different ages, supported by FORUM for Culture and International Cooperation students and teachers from the Norwegian Academy of Music.
In Shatila and Burj El-Barajneh two Musical bands are active under direct support and training by al-Kamandjati organization from Palestine. Training on Dabke carries an important national aspect in preserving our Palestinian heritage through passing it to the new generations.

There are different Art projects, programs and activities in the institution in partnership with different NGOs:
• Musical bands in Burj Shemali, Rashidieh, Burj Barajneh, Shatila Beddawi and Nahr El-Bared centers.
• Dancing groups in Burj Shemali (Dabke for Elderly, Youth and children), Rashidieh, Ein El Hillweh, Burj Barajneh, Shatila, Beddawi and Nahr El-Bared centers.
• Choir in Beddawi center
• Comics and Drawings
• Drama
• Handicraft
• Community Music 2014 in Beddawi center and FGC Saida (Prima Materia - Italy)
• Al Kamandjati Musical Band in Shatila and Burj Barajneh centers
• Music on the run (FORUM-NORWAY) 2014
This is a music activity program directed towards animators and social workers working with Syrian refugees.
• My Book, My Voice (FORUM) 2014
This is a comics and drawing project for teachers, animators and social workers working with school drop outs, remedial classes and Palestinian refugees from Syria.

Cultural Projects
• Cultural events
• Libraries
• Computer labs
• Cultural Exchange program with NORWAC
The Norwegian Academy of Music’s role in this program involves creating music activities in the Palestinian refugees camps, and Beit Atfal Assumoud is running this program in Rashidieh center in partnership with FORUM. This program facilitates and contributes to a larger network for international solidarity work, aid, health care, cultural exchange and education.
All the participants in these projects get trainings, and these trainings improve their performances significantly and with great self-confidence, they are participating