Learning Support Classes

Learning Support Classes
The future of the Palestinian children is one of BAS main purpose; we emphasize on developing their knowledge, skills, critical thinking, as well as their attitude for positive participation in the society. We also work on improving the student’s self-confidence which is the spinal cord of education. It controls and defines their forward steps and motivates them to achieve better to ensure a positive and prosperous future. Hence, the Palestinian children in Lebanon and those from Syria are benefiting from the various educational activities and services provided by the institution. The Learning Support Classes are considered to be a remedy to control the number of drop-outs from UNRWA schools and increase the number of the Palestinian students who are continuing their higher education. 


Learning Support Classes started in the National institution of Social Care and Vocational Training in the year 2004 in partnership with the German NGO Fluchtlingskinder and in partnership with the Japanese NGO Campaign for the Children of Palestine in 2007. 

Location of the project:

The project is running in the following eight Palestinian Refugee camps in Lebanon:
In Beirut area: Burj Barajneh & Shatila camps.
In North area: Beddawi & Nahr El-Bared camps.
In the South area: Ein El Hillweh, Burj Shemali and Rashidieh camps.
In Baalbeck: Wavel Camp.