Educational Projects

Education Programs

These programs are both formal (schools) and informal (support), they provide:
  • 7 kindergartens with three classes each inside the camps (Beddawi, Nahr El-Bared, Burj Barajneh, Shatila, Ein El Hillweh, Rashidieh and Burj Shemali. The kindergartens serve children at the end of which they are able to enroll in UNRWA elementary schools.
  • Vocational training programs for young men and women offering a certificate in Beddawi, Nahr El-Bared, Burj Shemali and Rashidieh.
  • Scholarships for vocational training.
  • 8 Remedial classes for primary school children, to support children attending UNRWA schools in Shatila, Burj Barajneh, Ein El Hillweh, Rashidieh, Burj Shemali, Nahr El-Bared, Beddawi and Baalbeck.
  • 3 Literacy classes for school drop-outs in Burj Shemali, Ein El Hillweh and Baalbeck.
  • 2 classes for girls with special needs in Burj Barajneh and Ein El Hillweh.