Family Guidance Center / Saida - Monthly Activities

Family Guidance Center / Saida - Monthly Activities

Family Guidance Center / Saida - Monthly Activities

During March 2024, FGC - Saida Center has organized the following activities.

On 1/3, the children’s families meet with the center’s official to discuss the rules for adhering to their children’s treatment plan.

On 2/3, the Mothers’ Committee meets and sets its program for the month of March.

On March 6, the center organized a meeting between the mothers’ committee at the center and the mothers’ committee at Ain al-Hilweh Center.

On 9/3, a dialogue session was organized with 20 women about the role of women in the family and society, and a discussion took place about the women of Gaza, their role, and their support for the resistance.

On 16/3 an activity was organized between mothers and their children to make cards for the sponsors.

On 21/3/2023 the center organized an awareness session entitled resilience for a group of mothers.

On 22/3/2024 the center organized a national activity under the title "The Palestinian mother "and a group of mothers and their children actively participated.

On 26/3/2024, an awareness session was organized at the Ain al-Hilweh Center about adolescence for mothers their children at remedial classes program.

On 28/3/2024, the Center organized a workshop for the Mothers’ Committee on the autism spectrum in preparation for the autism campaign that will begin in April on the occasion of World Autism Day.

On March 29, 2024, the Center organized an activity for teenagers under the title: "Palestine, Identity and Belonging".