Vocational Training

Vocational Training
People in the camp especially the youth category are dropping out of schools due to the weak economic situation they are living in and lack of awareness. Thinking that dropping out school will give them a better chance to find jobs and make an income to help their selves and families doesn’t mean that they will solve their financial problems without having any skill.

The vocational Training Project started in the year 1995 with the objective of enabling the young camp people to enter the labor market with a certain skill, provide short intensive courses for young men on different professions.
NISCVT made sure that for the Vocational Training project to cover all the Palestinian refugee camps to give the biggest opportunity for all the Palestinian people who are in need to a skill.

Directly or indirectly Parents, caretakers, women, and others of the refugees in the camp are benefiting of the Vocational Training project. Hence many fields of intervention occur to cover all the criteria mentioned before in addition to vocational training there are income generating, and local development activities, advocacy and awareness, and empowerment programs, in addition the trips and conferences.
The Vocational training mission is to continue based on its vision to make a better skillful and hopeful Palestinian generation go forward in their lives and help make a better fruitful future.
You can send a student to a vocational training by paying 1000 USD/ year as part of the annual fees.