Child In A Family Sponsorship

Child In A Family Sponsorship

The Child In A Family program supports the most vulnerable children and families in our community. The intended beneficiaries are orphans, children in families in which the father has passed away leaving behind a large number of dependents, children in families in which the father’s income potential is affected by disability, or children in families impacted by severe poverty. Our program is designed to address the multi-dimensional challenges faced by these community members, empowering children to access their potential and empowering families to provide a nurturing upbringing from early childhood to late adolescence.

Our social workers play a central role in this program, forming long-lasting relationships through recurring home visits and providing guidance to assist beneficiaries in reaching self-reliance. Children with special needs and psychological issues are referred to specialists in our family guidance centers, who provide ongoing individualized treatment and counseling. All children are empowered to participate in a wide range of recreational activities at our camp centers, from drawing, handicrafts, and theater to Dabke dancing troupes, musical bands, and art exhibitions. Monthly meetings and workshops are offered to mothers to raise awareness about community issues and expand their social support network. Finally, direct financial assistance is guaranteed to sponsored families to allow them to provide a better life for their children.

As a sponsor, you will support refugee children and families in the most difficult and marginalized situations. Out of the $30 that is needed to sponsor a child in a family for a month, the majority ($20) is allocated to aid and financial support for the beneficiaries, while the remaining $10 goes to compensate our committed social worker staff and directly fund the program activities as follows: 

  • $5 is used to contribute to children’s activities (sports events, Dabke dancing, picnics, etc) and other costs of the sponsorship program such as postal fees for children’s letters send via airmail to their sponsors. 
  • $5 is used to cover part of the social worker’s salary..

You can make a sustained difference in the lives of children and help them grow in a supportive environment. Sponsors can further participate in the care of the child by exchanging letters, visiting, and giving presents on special occasions. Please consider making a donation and helping to give our youth the childhood they deserve.

Child In A Family Sponsorship: US$420 per year, US$360 bi-annually, US$30 per month.
N.B in addition to the US$360 bi-annually, 30 US$ is given to the child on Eid AlFitr as cash gift in addition to another 30 $ on Eid AlAdha.( Total is 420 US$)
The sponsored families receive their financial aid on monthly basis from our association through the social workers.

In many cases, some sponsors pay more than 30 US$ a month or send extra money for their children. The sum is paid to the child in full as an extra gift. This money is given to the mother at BAS center or at the family’s house