Psyco-social Support program

Psyco-social support program

Psyco-social support program
Name of Project: "Strengthening Mental Health and Psychological Support in Palestinian Camps and Gatherings for Children, Women and Families affected by the Syrian Refugee Crisis" co-funded by UNICEF and MAP

Location of the project: project is implementing in 4 centers of NISCVT and 2 Unrwa Health clinics,
  • The centers are (Naher Bared in the North and Burj Al Shamali, Al Buss, Rashidieh and the gatherings in the south of Lebanon).
  • The two health clinics are in Kafer Baddha (a gathering for Palestinian refugees) and in Rashidieh camp, where the UNICEF created friendly spaces for children to play and do activities.

The project comes as a response to the acute needs of the children, women and caregivers in the Palestinian camps and gatherings who affected by the Syrian crisis and suffer from psychological distress as a result of displacements, effected directly by the war, lack of spaces for playing and lack of protection.

  • The Psychosocial support targets children and youth from 3 till 17 years old, women and caregivers. Among them are Palestinian from Lebanon, Palestinian Refugees from Syria/ Syrians Refugees and Lebanese.
  • Team of animators conduct activities for children and youth.
  • In each center there is Senior Psychological Support officer to provide emotional and social support to children and women who suffer from difficulties or psychological distress/ meetings mothers/ provide technical support to animators to deal with children`s difficulties/ detect and refer some children with high risk of harm and need intervention from Specialist at FGC.
  • Senior Psychological Support officer conducts activities for women and caregivers.
  • Provide healthy meals for children and mothers

The activities where as follow:
1) Concerning to the children: the working team Conducts various activities for children, indoor and outdoor activities such as:
  • Expression activities through art, painting, drawing, play role, story craft, telling stories, games, etc.
  • Structure activities as:
I."IDeal" a guide prepared by "War Child Holland" its activities for children from 9 till 14 years old.
II."Playing for Gender Equality" it's a guide book prepared by "ABAAD".
III.Guide book from KAFA Organization, which learn children in how to protect themselves, raise their self esteem, leadership, conflict resolution, life skills, ...etc.
  • Cultural events, organize activities in many occasions such as "The World Refugee Day"/ "National Child Protection Day, "New Year" and "National Child Day"/ Woman`s Day and Mother`s day.
  • Creational activities: Songs, Puppets, Theatre, Music, Dabka,.. etc
  • Trips

2)Concerning to the parents and caregivers:
  • Awareness session in various topics, "mental health, reproductive health, Social topics, participate in the cultural events with children"
  • Structure activities such as "Parents Deal" a guide prepared by "War Child Holland".
  • Trips and fun activities
  • Healthy meals for women.
  • Cultural events such as "International Women's Day" . parents and caregivers also take place with children and youth in all the events .

3)Training of animators and social workers:
The working team participated in many training in subjects related to their tasks in the project in order to work with the target population.