Family Happiness Project

Family Happiness Program

The Family Happiness Project is the name of our sponsorship program, which focuses on addressing the needs of children, families, and the elderly in Palestinian camps in Lebanon. Since 1984, this sponsorship program has represented our flagship project, from which all other NICSVT projects have emerged. With the generous support of sponsors, we use a holistic approach to community development, implementing social services and offering educational opportunities for the neediest beneficiaries while upholding community cohesion and family unity.

The challenges faced by Palestinian refugees in Lebanon continue to increase, and a just solution regarding their civil rights, including their "right of return”, is yet to be implemented. In the interim, our primary concern is to provide support and protection to the most vulnerable members of our community, and to develop the potential of our children and youth since they are our future.

The Family Happiness Project supports the neediest individuals and families through the following three programs: 

  1. KG Sponsorship 
  2. Child In A Family Sponsorship 
  3. Elderly Sponsorship

All of the above programs provide social, health, recreational, and educational services to beneficiaries, and implement frequent visits to sponsored children, families, and elderly by our dedicated staff of social workers to help them address the unique challenges they face.

For more information about these sponsorship programs, please visit the dedicated web pages.