Al Buss Center Weekly Activities

Al Buss Center Weekly Activities

Al Buss Center Weekly Activities
On 26 October 2018: Al Buss center presented a cartoon film and discuss it with children.
The 12th annual mental health conference for the National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (Beit Atfal Assumoud) entitled: "Psychological wellbeing and mental health, interaction between children, parents and environment”, was held under the patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.


Organizer of the workshop

Target group



Title of the workshop

Trainer: Mrs. Nina Lyythinen, Mrs. Sirpa Parttinen Mr. Markku Andellin From FIPSR

Social Workers From El Buss, Borj shammali & Rashdieh centers

El Buss - center

22 October 2018

Stress reduction


Coordinator: Rita Darbasani


Community Center in Shabriha gathering

23 October 2018

The importance of playing with children

Abaad Association

Community worker: Nivin Al Mourshed from El Buss center

Saida -

Al Zawat Resturant

22,23&24 October 2018

Basic life skills training, Arabic toolkit for working with women and girls survivors or at risk of gender based violence (GBV) is ready now.