In memory of Bahaa

In memory of Bahaa

In memory of Bahaa
Thankful for the time of cooperation – memories of Bahaa

Ms Baha´a Mustafa Al Tayar (1957-2020), Director of the Ein el Helweh -center of Beit Atfal Assumoud, was a very much appreciated partner of the two Finnish NGOs, Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility (FiPSR) and Finnish Arab Friendship Society (FAFS).

Our cooperation started from the idea to exchange work experience in the field of social work. The Finnish NGOs enjoyed having Baha´a as our sponsored social worker from 1988 until FiPSR moved the cooperation to a mental health program 1997. Bahaa worked for the establishment of Family Guidance Center Saida. "This center is my baby”, she proudly presented the FGC Saida in 2010. FGC has served like Bahaa; with dedication to help Palestinian and other needy children and families to overcome difficult times and refresh their own resources.

With FAFS, Baha´a continued the Family happiness sponsorship program. Through FAFS, there are sponsored children and kindergarten children who have sponsors in Finland. Bahaa took care of the contacts between children and their sponsors. Thus, Baha´a and the children were important people distributing information about the Palestinian refugees and their struggle for the Palestinian culture and heritage. We also learned how carefully Baha´a took care of the protection of children. She did not want to display visual material in the center that could harm the secure feelings and trust on parents in the children’s minds. Instead, she always paid attention to beauty that comforts and gives energy.

For us, Baha´a Tayar was a great partner; she was energetic, humorous. She was brave, did not hesitate to voice her opinion at what was wrong and what should be corrected or done another way. It was easy to cooperate with her.

We are thankful for the time together. We miss Baha´a Tayar so much and want to continue our assistance for the great work of Beit Atfal Assumoud about which she was an unforgettable instructor to us.

Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility
Finnish Arab Friendship Society

June 30th 2020