Rashidieh Center - Weekly Activities

Rashidieh Center - Weekly Activities

Rashidieh Center - Weekly Activities

On July 2021: During the first three weeks of July 2021,Rashidieh Center has organized the following activities...

On 19-07-2021: Visit the cemetery and put a wreath of flower on the tombs of martyrs.

On 27-07-2021: Lecture about Fear in children for a group of mothers.

On 28-07-2021: Lecture about drugs for a group of youth.

On 28, 29 and 31/7/2021: Lecture about the importance of breastfeeding for many groups of women in coordination with other programs at the center

On August 2021: Summer camp for different groups of children, it continues for three weeks.It includes national, artistic, health and recreational activities.

On 03-08-2021: Trip for a group of mothers and their children to Al Qasmia river.

On 03-08-2021: Graduate for the students of kindergarten.

On 07-08-2021: Handicrafts for a group of children made flowers of the wreath.

On 13-08-2021: On the occasion of 45 Anniversary of the establishment of Beit Atfal Assumoud Institution , Rashidieh center has organized several activities:
- The mothers, the scout orchestra and the workers visited the Martyrs cemetery and placed a wreath of flowers on the Martyrs Memorial.
- A group of youth distributed broachers in the entrance of the camp
- sending video for the beneficiaries about Tel Al Zaatar massacre (using WhatsApp)
- The director of the center Mr. Mahmoud talked about Tel Al Zaatar massacre and the history of the institution and services it provides.